The song was kind of a mix of all types of rap considering its lyrics were like if Solja Boy had CTE and it had a beat that can be best desribed as “Thanks but Im going to pass on this one. Timings not right. All the best- Robin Thicke.”

Its a great video and a real treat to watch, but for MY money Im more a fan of his non-single stuff like track 14- “Sum’n bout that woman.” Now youll recall Deion made a big deal about standing behind Ray Rice after the tape of Rice punching his fiance emerged but lets flash back 2 what Prime had to say in 1994:

Sanderses 1994 breakout album came in the form of a tour de force called ‘Primetime.’ Its avalble right here digitally remasterd on Spotify.

It was ironic that this album was sold in record stores because if you wanted to carry it on your shelfs you needed to hire several return specialists to handle all the people who we’re going 2 bring it back.

I stole mine it was my first time stealing things but the way I saw it technicaly the store was stealing from me because they were going to take my money- cant have it both ways thats a double standard. So I tucked it into my Jncos and pretended like I peed my pants so securty didnt pat me down when I set the alarm off.

The artwork prominently featured clock’s on it because Deion had a tendencey to oversleep and forget what sport he was playing and drive to the wrong ballpark.There were many many times I think that Sanders would show up at the Georga Dome in his baseball trousers or to Fulton County Stadium with his football hemet on. The album was put out on MC Hammers record label and at some point a marketin gperson decided it would be a good thing to have Sanders wear this outfit:

The referees called an illegal block in the back on one of Hammond’s teammates who was blocking for him. So instead of the ball being on the 20-yard line for a touchback or the 48-yard line for his return, guess where the Chiefs had to start their drive on offense. The 1-yard line.

And how did that drive turn out?

Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith was sacked on an ill-advised play-action pass and the Dolphins got a cheap safety on the first play of the drive.

All because Hammond just had to field that punt and try to make a big play.1

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