For a while, the Titans looked like the team that would land Brandin Cooks in a trade. Instead, Cooks went to the Patriots and the Titans didn t add a pass catcher in free agency to make up for the miss. Marcus Mariota would certainly welcome the addition of a top receiving talent to complement Rishard Matthews.

So, here s a huge surprise. This match was expected to be a Cheap Replica Soccer Jerseys mess of interference, with Triple H s Beef Squad of Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens getting involved on his behalf, and Seth maybe finding out he has allies in either his former Shield brothers or Sami Zayn. Instead, we got a relatively straight-forward affair that told the story of how dangerous it was for Seth Rollins to be fighting Triple H in his condition.

What we learned: Seth was coming off a major knee injury from January that occurred in the same knee that caused him to miss WrestleMania a year ago, and it turns out that like 90 percent of Seth s offense stems from his knees one way or another. He fought through this, though, and thanks to an inspired finishing sequence that you can basically describe as Pedigree-based chain wrestling, Rollins came out on top and proved to the world that he can thrive without Triple H making sure it happens for him.

What we learned: Cheating to win? Busting out the finisher you only reserve for huge moments because you want to rob the fans of it otherwise? Neville might fear Aries a little bit, even though he ll never admit it, and his tactics might result in a rematch somewhere down the line.

These two have done some real work to elevate the still-young cruiserweight division and the accompanying show, 205 Live. By WrestleMania next year, having the division Cheap Retro Basketball Jerseys title on the main card instead of the pre-show could happen thanks to the trajectory Aries and Neville have it on.

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