Owens tried to follow that up with a cannonball in the corner, but Jericho was able to grab him before the impact and put him in The Walls himself. He had Owens locked in for Cheap Liverpool Soccer Jerseys a long time before his former best friend got to the ropes, but couldn t capitalize, with Owens catching him with a Pop Up Powerbomb. That wasn t quite enough to beat the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla , and despite getting some time to punish Jericho, his next try at a powerbomb was met with a huge Codebreaker.

Jericho thought he had gotten the win there, but Owens was just close enough to the ropes to get one finger on bottom rope to break up the pinfall. Owens went outside the ring to get an opening, kicking Jericho in the knee as he came out to meet him then picked the U.S. champion up and powerbombed him into the apron before getting the final pinfall to beat Jericho and claim the United States Championship.

It was as intense a match as it had promised to be, and it positions Owens to get back to doing the things he does best: dominating matches and hurting whoever comes to claim his new Cheap Miami Dolphins Jerseys title. This is already the third different major title he s held on the main roster in just 18 months, making it clear that he is a major star in WWE.

He has this one specific move where he puts his hands on both shoulders of the person he really wants to chat up. He puts the bill of his cap almost against his chatting partner s hat and then bobs around looking like he s having the most easygoing conversation in the world. The only time I laughed out loud happened when Couples enthusiastically grabbed the shoulders of distinguished Secretary Condoleezza Rice as she walked up onto the tee and then started animatedly bobbing his head. Freddie was the most casual and cool friend to everyone who came near him it seemed, including the reserved Secretary.

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