Once the match got underway, after Rollins symbolically bringing a torch to the entrance ramp and changing the rampway image to flames with it, Triple H started working over that knee to try to slow down the explosive moveset that Rollins brings to the table. He and his wife, Stephanie McMahon, used every trick in the book in this no-disqualification match, continuously battering the injured star s knee at every opportunity.

Kicking off the main WrestleMania show is always a challenge, but Styles and McMahon delivered in a big way. Styles brought the signature style he s known for with an extra edge of anger added to it, fighting his way through every submission counter and flash moment Shane tried to bring to the table. He slipped away from a huge elbow drop onto the announce table at ringside, but couldn t get away when Shane countered an attempt at Styles stealing the Coast To Coast leap into a propped-up trashcan by knocking Styles out of the air with the can.

Styles then ate all of an actual Coast To Coast, but when McMahon tried to finish him off with a Shooting Star Press, he slipped away again. Shane O Mac tried to get up, but only did so to step into a Phenomenal Forearm allowing AJ Styles to get the cover and the win. It was a major moment of satisfaction for Styles, and one that will be a huge drive for him in whatever is next for the proud former champion.

The only problem is that it HAPPENED IN THE FIRST GAME OF THE 2017 SEASON, WHEN GIANTS FANS ARE MORE SENSITIVE THAN USUAL. But it s more than that. Last year, Russell Carleton Cheap Lakers Jerseys wrote a brilliant piece about how it s possible that toxic bullpens are something of a self-fulfilling Cheap Laker Jerseys Sale prophecy. Once things start going bad, everyone else starts gripping the ball a little tighter, and those borderline pitches start going the other way. It s a total mess, and it continues to be a total mess.

A new season should be a new start, then. Same pitchers, same arms, just without the stink of unfortunate expectations.

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